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Accuser Says Weinstein Raped Her Twice, 17 Years Apart, in Toronto

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A former aspiring actress identified as “Kelly S.” to protect her identity, took the stand Monday against Harvey Weinstein in a Los Angeles courtroom, testifying that she was raped by the fallen movie mogul on two separate incidents taking place 17 years apart.

Opening the third week of Weinstein’s West Coast trial—where he faces four counts of rape and seven other sexual assault counts involving five women, having already been sentenced to 23 years in New York prison for one rape and one criminal sex act—the accuser said she was assaulted by Weinstein in 1991 and again in 2008. The actress is the first of four alleged victims that prosecutors told the jurors they will hear from during the proceedings, which is expected to last as long as three months.

Kelly S. told the court she had initially met Weinstein at the Toronto film festival in 1991. She said that she and the former Miramax boss had an “amicable” conversation about film before the former Oscar-machine invited her to his hotel room to discuss a possible movie role.

“I thought it was a great opportunity so I went with him,” she testified regarding the first incident in Toronto. After reaching the room, however, she was “very” shocked when Weinstein came out wearing no underwear and an unbuttoned shirt. Weinstein, who was “much bigger” than her, allegedly began removing Kelly’s skirt, put a hot cloth on her vagina and told her, “My wife loves this. You’re going to love this,” before performing oral sex on her as she told him repeatedly to stop, Variety reports.

She told jurors that was “frozen” with fear during the alleged attack.

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“Did you say no to him?” Deputy District Attorney Marlene Martinez asked during questioning. “Yes,” Kelly responded, telling the court that she was trying to let him know “to stop, get off me, let me go.”

Martinez continued, “Did you want to be in that hotel room with Mr. Weinstein raping you?” The accuser replied, “No,” pointing to earlier in her testimony in which she stated she was eventually able to escape Weinstein.

Kelly further testified that she happened to spot Weinstein in the lobby of the Four Seasons in Toronto in 2008, around the time of the film festival, and yelled his name to get his attention.

“Actually, I wanted to see him because I wanted to ask him after all this time, what has happened all those years ago?” she told the court. “I wanted to confront him, and I had thought about it often… I felt like I was ready to give it to him, say, ‘Why?’”

After being summoned to Weinstein’s hotel room by his assistant, the pair ended up in the restroom, where he propositioned her for sex and pulled at her shirt in an effort to ogle her breasts.

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“It went from what felt like he was listening to me to wanting to have sex with me, demanding it, grabbing at me,” she said. “He pulled his penis out and was masturbating.”

Cross-examining the the accuser, Weinstein attorney Alan Jackson made issue of the fact that she had agreed to see Weinstein again, with Kelly testifying to meeting with Weinstein in New York after the 1991 incident—though she brought a friend to ensure she would not be alone with Weinstein.

“Your rapist was persuasive in trying to get you to come to New York?” Jackson asked. “If you had consensual sex with Mr. Weinstein, the #MeToo monster, you would never be able to live with yourself and your husband and your children, right?”

The judge quickly put a stop to that line of questioning.

City News Service contributed to this report.

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