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Bills Safety Damar Hamlin is Discharged from Buffalo Hospital

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Following a nine-day stay at the Buffalo General Medical Center, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin was discharged, the team announced in a statement Wednesday.

Hamlin previously collapsed on the field after a hit and while the cause of his cardiac arrest points towards commotio cordis—a rare phenomenon resulting from blunt impact—it is yet to be officially confirmed.

“We have completed a series of tests and evaluations, and in consultation with the team physicians, we are confident that Damar can be safely discharged to continue his rehabilitation at home and with the Bills,” Jamie Nadler, critical care physician and Chief Quality Officer at Kaleida Health, said in the statement.

Bill coach Sean McDermott insists that it is entirely up to Hamlin when he is to return to the team facility following his discharge.

“His health is first and foremost on our mind as far as this situation,” McDermott told ESPN. “And then when he feels ready, we will welcome him back.”

After suffering a cardiac arrest last Monday during a game against the Bengals, Hamlin was given CPR and rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

He was then transferred to the hospital in Buffalo and a team were tasked with “identifying any possible causes of the event, potentially treat any pathology that may be found, as well as plan for his recovery, discharge and rehabilitation,” according to a press release from Kaleida Health, which oversees the medical center.

Players for the Bills were given the beginning of the week off, and quarterback Josh Allen told ESPN that Hamlin’s teammates haven’t visited him yet.

“I know some guys were chomping at the bit to go see them, but against doctor’s orders, just making sure that he’s getting his rest from recovery and taking it slow, and obviously just trying to trying to get back to being himself,” Allen said. “So, we’ll take all the time that we need. But I hope he knows the guys are ready to see him.”

Hamlin has made quick progress since the initial incident, speaking to teammates and family as recently as Jan. 6. He was also previously said to be “neurologically intact” after the horrific moment.

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