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BOIL and YINN among ETF weekly movers

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Jun. 24, 2023 10:30 AM ETEWV, YINN, YANG, SOXS, BOIL, DPST, CWEB, BITI, EVAVBy: Deepa Sarvaiya, SA News Editor4 Comments

  • Gainers: Ultra Bloomberg Natural gas 2X ETF (BOIL) +14%.
  • FTSE China Bear -3X Direxion (YANG) +24%.
  • Semiconductor Bear -3X Direxion (SOXS) +16%.
  • Ultrashort MSCI Japan -2X ETF (EWV) +9%.
  • Losers: Regional Banks Bull 3X direxion (DPST) -24%.
  • FTSE China Bull 3X Direxion (YINN) -22%.
  • Electric and Autonomous 2X ETF Direxion (EVAV) -20%.
  • CSI China Internet Idx Bull 2X ETF Direxion (CWEB) -20%.
  • Proshares Short Bitcoin Strategy -1X ETF (BITI) -19%.

1:20 rev split Boil + $38/reorg fees, not so happy there

BOIL turned north at the beginning of June. Recent news of civil dissatisfaction in Russia may indicate future domestic turmoil there, and further disruption in ng supplies. I’m a buyer.

@deeminimus Thank you, I appreciate all the encouragement I can get.

@imtom me too, Down quite a bit

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