Monday, June 24, 2024

Canned water company Liquid Death hires bank for potential 2024 IPO – report

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  • Canned water company Liquid Death hired Goldman Sachs for a potential initial public offering as soon as next spring, according to a report from The Information. 
  • Liquid Death was valued at $700 million in an $70 million financing round led by Science Ventures last year, Peter Pham, co-founder of Science and a board member at Liquid Death, wrote in a Medium post  in October.
  • Liquid Death projected $130 million in revenue in 2022, up from $45M in 2021 and was on pace to double in 2023, according to Pham.

Michael Bryant profile picture

If canned water can sell at a competitive price to bottled water, I think this business could do very well. Cans also can keep the water colder, and no BPA.

Ambient Insight profile picture

People are so dumb for buying this crap.

DayTradeLongTerm profile picture

…’s an easy short

Damon Judd profile picture

I find it hard to believe that growing demand for canned water is sustainable. Its got a cool name but no fancy flavors or anything, just H2O.

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