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Efoiling Makes Taking ‘Flite’ Above Water Possible

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Considered the “future of watersports,” hydrofoiling, or efoiling, is essentially where surfing, hoverboarding and flying meet as a battery-powered electronic foil allows surfers to catch the smallest waves.

Here in Southern California, Just Ride LA in Santa Monica and OC Foil in Newport Beach offer private eFoil sessions on Fliteboards where you learn to take ‘Flite’ along the coast. Two-person sessions are offered at $600 for 90 minutes and single sessions run $300.

A couple takes a two person lesson on Flitescooter electronic hydrofoils. Fliteboard sessions are currently available in Santa Monica and Newport Beach (Flite/the brand)

How does it work? Standing on the Fliteboard, riders use a handheld Flite controller to control their speed. With a mast that is partially underwater, Fliteboarding gives a feeling of freedom as one glides silently just above the water. The electric motor gives the power to fly through the air above a flat lake or river without the effort of pumping or needing waves to propel one forward.

Having your own Fliteboard runs around $9,700 but the brand has seen significant technological advancements. According to the company, the Series 3 offers the lightest performance eFoil, lightest ever lithium-ion eFoil battery and the first interchangeable propulsion system. “These advances will truly change the way we experience the water,” said David Trewern, CEO/Founder and Product Architect of Fliteboard.

Since Fliteboard’s 2018 debut, a rep for Fliteboard tells Los Angeles the Australia-based company has sold more than 9,000 Fliteboards to customers who have logged more than 46,000 rides across 90 countries.

Recently the company introduced Flitescooter, featuring removable handlebars and intended for beginners, families, and those looking for a more leisurely way to ‘fly.’  Flitescooter offers riders with little or no watersports experience the chance to learn and master eFoiling, and be on the water in a mere few minutes, with minimal instruction required.

Added Trewern: “Since I developed the first Fliteboard prototype back in 2018, I have been working on ways to encourage my wife to join me on the water. Flitescooter is the solution. It’s so easy and forgiving to learn, yet offers similar thrills to Fliteboarding.”

A man gets ready to surf on his Fliteboard electronic hydrofoil. (Flite/the brand)

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