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Euro Area retail sales fell 1.2% in August

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Oct. 04, 2023 5:00 AM ETEuro / US Dollar (EUR:USD), USD:EUREWG, GF, EWI, EWQ, USD, EWGS, FGM, DBGR, DXGE, HEWG, DAX, FLFR, FLGR, FLIYBy: Arundhati Sarkar, SA News Editor1 Comment

Retail sales in the Euro Area decreased 1.2% in August compared to the previous month, and much more than expected.

Producer Price Inflation increased to 0.6% in August from -0.5% in July.

On a yearly basis, PPI decreased 11.5% in August.

ETFs: (EWG), (GF), (EWI), (EWQ), (EWGS), (FGM), (DBGR), (DXGE), (HEWG), (DAX), (FLFR), (FLGR), (FLIY)

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Despite inflation pressure, retail sales dropped.

Ergo, actual volumes consumed dropped.

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