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From Ego to Surrender: William McGirr Talks About Sacred Energy and the Transformation of Consciousness

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In the realm of healing and personal transformation, one concept that has gained significant attention is Sacred Energy. Defined as a free-flowing, non-defined, and non-restrictive healing Love energy, Sacred Energy holds the power to unlock the hidden potential within ourselves, as well as in the world around us. William McGirr, a renowned expert in the field, has dedicated years of experience to curating a program that delves into the depths of Sacred Energy and its transformative effects on consciousness.

At the core of Sacred Energy lies a simple truth: it is accessible to anyone who possesses awareness, intention, trust, and imagination. These prerequisites serve as the gateway to initiate the flow of this energy, allowing individuals to rediscover the profound powers that reside deep within themselves. This malleable energy holds the key to healing not only oneself but also fellow humans, plants, animals, and the Earth we all share.

However, harnessing Sacred Energy requires a fundamental shift in mindset. “All efficient exchanges of energy are rooted in surrendering the ego, stepping out of our comfort zones, and expanding our consciousness, awareness, and physical being,” says William McGirr. It is by entering this space of infinite and unfathomable existence that we tap into the true potential of Sacred Energy.

At Two Peacocks, William McGirr’s program guides participants, known as S.E. Apprentices, through a journey of holistic disciplinary modalities. “By exploring and practicing various approaches, individuals rediscover their inherent power and gain a profound understanding of their capabilities,” shares McGirr. The program challenges the mystery between imagination and intuition, inviting participants to explore and expand their quantum sensory potential across the realms of body, mind, soul, and earth.

When discussing energy healing, it is important to acknowledge that the origin of this practice cannot be definitively traced. Various names and modalities, such as Reiki, have emerged over time, but the essence of energy healing transcends any specific label. It is rooted in our natural state of existence—love, gratitude, and appreciation. Each one of us possesses the innate ability to engage with this energy, often unconsciously, from the moment of our birth and arguably even before. Love and gratitude form the very fabric of our being and connect us to the lifeforce, chi, ki, or prana that flows within us.

It is crucial to remember that no single person or group can claim to be the sole source of pure love energy, negating its presence within all. Establishing hierarchies and limiting this unlimited potential is contrary to the true nature of Sacred Energy. William emphasizes this point in his podcast and aligns himself with the teachings of great masters like Jesus and Buddha, who empowered their followers to become their own saviors, teachers, and leaders. It is through this alignment and focus on Sacred Energy that one can naturally awaken psychic mediumship gifts.

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