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Here Are Some of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2022

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Putting together a Halloween costume is no easy feat. There’s the frantic planning, the fevered buying, and the agony execution. And, year after year, we enjoy it all the more when the sufferers of these harvest season horrors befall our rich and famous.

There is no need for them to run to the Spirit Halloween store just days before the holiday—navigating through a parking lot where spaces are rarer than the seven wonders. They may send their drivers in to wait in a 30-minute line, but you will not find them doing so. Thus, when you’ve got all the money in the world to spend, you better be pulling off a damn impressive attempt at a costume.

saweetie as mystique.

— c ✮ (@truthchyna) October 30, 2022

Saweetie as Mystique

Yes, we are fully aware that a certain other high-profile female celebrity also did a take on the X-Men‘s iconic portrayal of Mystique. However, Saweetie is the clear winner, with her doing an excellent job at putting the entire costume together in her own way.

It’s not about the money. It’s about the sending the message!! EVERYTHING BURNS!!! 🔥🃏🖕🏿🎃

— LOVE (@Diddy) October 30, 2022

Diddy as The Joker

Every year since 2008, the Halloween streets are clogged with legions of Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight. And every year they look cheap, or they take the “edgy” road of making the costume more about Ledger’s overdose death than the character he reinvented. Diddy, however, hit the mark with this one—just a straight-up perfect homage to the modern classic.

It’s Halloween and I’m in




— Janelle Monáe👽🚆🤖🚀🪐 (@JanelleMonae) October 30, 2022

Janelle Monae as Diva Plavalaguna

The Fifth Element is, simply put, one of the greatest films of all time. Diva is a blue alien-singer hybrid who keeps stones which can direct the four elementary forces hidden inside her body, portrayed in the movie by French actress Maïwenn. It was revolutionary at the time, and Janelle’s take is absolutely jaw-dropping. That being said, it must have taken hours for her to put it all on.

I’ll follow you until you love me

— Addison Rae (@whoisaddison) October 29, 2022

Addison Rae as Lady Gaga

This is not simply any Lady Gaga costume, this is inspired by her 2009 VMAs performance that left shook the world. Gaga had already witnessed a quick rise to fame, given that she was one of the most intriguing artists at the time (and still is). She went on to take nine awards home that year, all entirely deserved. Addison, we can only offer you a spot on this list, but you did an incredible job at taking on a great moment in music history.

we had to.

— Lili Reinhart (@lilireinhart) October 30, 2022

(L-R) Lili Reinhart, Madeline Petsch, and Camila Mendes as the Hocus Pocus Witches

Three stars in television take on three stars in one of the best Halloween films—what could go wrong? The answer? Absolutely nothing. Fair to say, the second film in the series surely could have used these three. Perhaps, it would have done better at the box office in that scenario.

Corpse Bride 👰‍♀️ 🦴

Lattoween ‘22

— BIG LATTO 🎰 (@Latto) October 29, 2022

Latto as Emily the Corpse Bride

It takes a lot of skill (and money) to do a real-life depiction of a stop-motion character, but our hats go off to Latto who absolutely killed (ha) this one. All we have left to say about this is, yes, the costume is great but, no, we do not need another live-action reboot, Warner Bros.

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