Illuminating Individual’s Divine Spirit With Best-Selling Author Tanja Subotic

Beneath the sorrow and feelings of despair lies a guiding light within - one that {once illuminated} can alter an individual's future self for good. On her journey toward enlightenment, forged by a series of life events, the self-professed intuitive of Divine Wisdom, best-selling author, and entrepreneur Tanja Subotic reawakened her union with the Divine. Through storytelling, she aims to inspire others to unearth the love, truth, and beauty within the soul to form a united humanity.


The workings of everyday life can be unpredictable and unsettling. However, by turning inwards toward our soul, the light that seeks to reveal who we indeed are can unfold our Divine Spirit – the one that lives within. Its purpose is not only to ignite our potential but to allow us to soar. 

To find the sunrise within our mind’s most profound darkness, we can start by closing our eyes, but for others, it may take an awakening of consciousness to admire our full power. In a humanity riddled by a deep void of unknowing, everyone is searching for external answers – seeking out anybody who could potentially navigate the way forward.

Yet, after days, months, and even years of trying, finding the possibility of life’s hidden meaning may stump our mind’s endurance out of pure exhaustion, causing us to stop looking – a point in time when our hands hold firm with the dark.

With our eyes still closed, we gaze up in awe at the sudden realization that this spark of hope illuminating within has provided us with the answer all along. We open our eyes to find that we have just met what best-selling author and entrepreneur Tanja Subotic describes as the Divine Spirit.

Instead of needing outside validation, you begin to trust yourself and start the journey within to find your sense of self, your sense of purpose, and your validation. This new inner sanctuary becomes the foundation for your happy and meaningful new life.

For over a decade, Tanja Subotic has been dedicated to unfolding a “conscious path for a greater understanding of truth concerning recovery and redemption.” After spending two years of misdiagnosis – to facing a long road lined with Lyme and autoimmune disease, the multiple incorrect diagnoses led to many treatments with few solutions. 

“I didn’t even know that there was something grander than just this physical mess that was living inside,” shares Subotic. “I felt imprisoned within this vessel and had lost control over all governance.”

Until, one day, Tanja Subotic had a life-changing experience when her son Gabriel’s innocence spoke and liberated an expression of light. This awakening truth rippled through her body. The innocent glimmer of hope presented itself as a “sacred doctrine” once buried within her soul. 

In leading us on the journey of the interior life {the part of us that lies below the everyday life of work, family, and the physical world}, Tanja Subotic’s sacred revelation shined a light on the power of the Divine.

It magnifies how we can overcome the dichotomies of inner and outer, light and dark, to attain the deepest spirituality. At this moment, she realized that our entire lives are in sync with the golden synchronicities – that guided by the spirit within {if we will it to be} can retune us.

She continues, “As soon as I tuned into the light, I started listening to these synchronicities. Very quickly, my essence began to unfold, and I began to blossom, and my external life illustrated the light within.”

For Subotic, the Divine rekindled her divinity and creative energies, which like a domino effect, awakened an unveiling of “deeply profound revelations that inspired the writings of Divine Wisdom – uncovered in the narratives of love, beauty, and truth.”

“Along this journey, I became enriched with multiple techniques and knowledge to unfold the fullest potential in cultivating a life of balance and harmony that continues to unfold inner essence to then create,” shares Subotic.

Today, Subotic’s best-selling book is renowned as a modern-day pilgrimage of a woman’s journey projecting from the darkness into the light. Entitled The Golden Virtue: Unveiled, the story of protagonist Ysabel Meyer amplifies and begs the question, “Just how will you prevail in the dark and rise into the light of rebirth?”

Alongside and within these stories are woven treasures of wisdom with a mission and “labor of love” to share the messages of the Divine Spirit through storytelling to illuminate and inspire beauty within the soul of humanity.

“We’re continuously seeking and basking in addictions like gambling, shopping habits, drugs, sex, and alcohol to fill a void of a big disconnect,” concludes Subotic. “But when that severed cord is back together, everything comes into complete alignment, and harmony occurs.” 

Overall, the Divine within you will get stronger if you allow your mind to become still from your body, from the impulse, from the reflex to go on searching. Whether it is the first day of your quest to the millionth, the Divine Spirit will always be there within you.

For more information, tune into Tanja Subotic’s groundbreaking read, The Golden Virtue, to unlock your inner Divine and be awakened by your pure inner power. To connect, tap onto her website to be genuinely inspired by a life-changing experience.


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