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Is the stock market open on July 3?

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US markets continue to see huge foreign in flows, as the AI bull market rages higher…..

The US market is seen as a safe haven to weakening global demand in every major economy…..

Nasdaq 100 should make another new record high towards 16,000 or higher…..NVDA could see $650 by year end, as demand rockets higher qtr over qtr…..


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Biden has ordered that the stock market be opened tomorrow and closed on 7/4.

It’s not that the government should be the one that changes. It’s when the voters change the way government works. It’s the voters who are at fault with this financial mess that we are in.

Booo half days. 24/7 stocks!

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Happy 4th..”ONE MONTH ago, the Federal debt was capped at $31.4T. Then the cap was lifted.

We’re already nearing $1T in new debt issued.

IN 30 DAYS.”

@ComputerBlue Within two fiscal years, interest cost on the outstanding debt will be $1 trillion per budget year! No one appears to care?!

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@highdesertaz more than defense spending this an indication of a country headed in the right direction?

@highdesertaz Some people care…others have bought into the “US government can spend whatever and it won’t matter” line of thinking. Still others have bought into the “Hey, I’ll be dead when any of this matters, so who cares?” line of thinking.

If these kind of articles are published we already know “how late it is”. Although easy to find info it’s still very informative (especially for the large group of non-US US market traders)…

(this time I was not aware that the coming days are closings until the article hit the news feed)

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I don’t like half days. Either keep it open all day or don’t open at all that day.

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@Diesel its barely open anymore …seems some kind of holiday every few weeks…late 90’s there was talk of 24 hour trading

@Diesel If “they” at least get rid of all half days (i.e. make it full days) it would be better already…

@mike ekim If the opening times per day would be increased from 6.5 to 7.5 hours it would already be a reasonable compensation of all the holidays. Exchanges in Europe saw longer opening times during the last 20 years, the US is behind on that…

Sad that the equity market is closed so often, one nowadays has to check every weekend if the coming week is 5 trading days or not…


Without independence americans would have afternoon tea, imperial gallons and drive on the left side. Unimaginable horrors.

Could be worth a day off.

@Keops Completely true, but then at least get rid of the half open days and increase the regular sessions to 7.5 hours. The current 6.5 hours is only there because of historic reasons (i.e. all the work that needed to be done for the clearing and settlement in the past, combined with the physical presence at the exchange).

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@qwerty11 July 4th is a big holiday in the USA, amazing how many international subscribers

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All the H1 magic was down to 8 stocks. Just 7. Not 500 or 100.

I hold 6 out of the 8 so am happy but this was some crazy price action.

Markets need to cool off for their own good.

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@SuperPac – My top 3 returns for 1H 2023: PLTR +138.79% – COIN +102.18% – MRVL +61.39%.

“All the H1 magic was down to 8 stocks.” Better expand your thinking – and your list.

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@john.AI-AI-AI aka Fairplay

You are welcome to those stocks.

I am very happy with my holdings of NVDA, TSLA, AMD, ASML Holding, MSFT. I will be adding more of these. But opportunistically.

@SuperPac yeah, up like over 300% in cvna and ai, over 100% in hims rycey dkng. Spy fund in the 401 is up like 23% ytd. Meh. 5 year beating spy.

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“U.S. markets closed the first half on solid footing with S&P gaining 15.9%, Nasdaq surging 31.7%, the best since 1983 and Dow closed just 3.8% higher.”

Hm, peak in 1983 was in April.…

@Michael Bryant the market like to suck in as many as possible before the fed raises rates again and the next selloff begins.

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The market has done a splendid job of absorbing the rate impact so far.

Fed Funds Rate 5% – 5.25%

S&P500 barely 8% below its all time high.

Who’s to say it won’t absorb another 50bps… probably will.

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