Saturday, May 25, 2024

J&J talc bankruptcy unit to establish $750M trust fund with insurers

Must read

A shakedown by the extortion racket known as our civil legal system

Money over everything I guess

This 750 million is just the beginning down payment of the original 8.9B Johnson and Johnson has offered to settle all the outstanding and future talc litigation claims. LTL Management Bankruptcy Unit, the result of mediation, will speed these claims and payments much faster than the traditional court system. Better for claimants, as many would never live long enough to see a settlement otherwise. Many of these claims will be reduced considerably, and some thrown out, because they lack legitimate basis and proof of injury, for damages to be paid. J&J will also benefit from this mediation litigation solution. Still, this is just the one of the many reasons healthcare costs are rising yearly, as big pharma is targeted for these massive liability settlements! The longer these cases are drawn out the more fees the claimant attorney’s will collect! Never enough money for these ambulance chasers!


Better than MMM earplug lawsuit.

US gov – “we need earplugs for soldiers”

Aearo – hey these meet your specs. US gov buys and supplies them to soldiers.

3M later bought said company for 1 billion and now lawyers are looking for 5-10 billion because MMM has more money and good luck suing federal government.

@Skezo Not at all that simple. You can bet MMM submitted samples to the government for them to review, test and sign off that they are OK. To sue the federal government you need permission from the federal government to sue them.

First of all I confess that I am a stock holder on JNJ. My OPINION is that none of this makes any sense but it does confirm my OPINION of our legal system.

A class action suit. There were attorney television ads. Join our class action suit.

WHY? The contract with the attorney on a class action suit typically says the attorneys get one third plus expenses of every dollar collected. The more, the more profitable for the attys. The damage to people. I will doubt any of the plaintiffs can prove they only used JNJ powder. Nowhere in the instructions does it say for internal use in adults. Settled by arbitration. WHY-both sides know that a court case would be a lot of work. Our legal system. People with no money, do not get sued. There is nothing to collect.

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