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Judge tosses Meadows’ challenge to J6 subpoena

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By Tierney Sneed | CNN

A federal judge on Monday night dismissed the challenge former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows brought to a House January 6 select committee subpoena.

US District Judge Carl Nichols wrote that the Constitution’s Speech or Debate clause, which shields legislators from being targeted by certain legal actions in circumstances tied to their legislative duties, shielded the select committee from Meadows’ lawsuit.

“At the time it issued the subpoena to Meadows, the Select Committee had evidence that Meadows was in contact with President Trump on January 6th and participated in efforts to challenge the election results,” Nichols wrote.

“Meadows is therefore a proper subject of the Select Committee’s investigation, and the Court cannot say that the Committee’s demands for his testimony, documents, and cell phone records are irrelevant to its investigative task,” he added.

Meadows can appeal Nichols’ ruling.

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