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Keanu Reeves gets restraining order against alleged stalker who said he’d sign over his ‘rights’ to the actor

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A man accused of repeatedly trying to break into Keanu Reeves’ home and leaving behind a DNA testing kit has been directed to stay away from the actor under a court order.

Reeves said he has suffered emotional distress due to the harassment and stalking, according to an application for a temporary restraining order filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Brian Keith Dixon, 38, allegedly trespassed on the actor’s property at least six times between November and January.

During one uninvited visit, Dixon tried to break into Reeves’ home, then fell asleep in his backyard, according to the application for a restraining order. He returned the next day, again tried to break into Reeves’ home, then left behind a backpack with a DNA testing kit, an alarming note addressed to Reeves and photographs.

Dixon intended to use the kit on Reeves to show that they are somehow related, according to the application for a restraining order.

Surveillance footage allegedly showed Dixon continuing to trespass on Reeves’ property.

The Los Angeles Police Department has an ongoing criminal investigation into Dixon, and police recommended Reeves seek a restraining order against him, according to court records.

Reeves’ attorney, Mathew Rosengart, filed the petition against Dixon, who appears to not have a permanent address. According to the application, Dixon has a delusional obsession with Reeves and a criminal history in Rhode Island, with charges including possession of burglary tools, vandalism and disorderly conduct.

Dixon also has posted alarming messages and images of Reeves on his Facebook page saying that he would sign over his “rights” to Reeves and that the actor could be “in charge” of him, according to the court filings. He referred to himself as “Jasper Keith Reeves” in one post.

The court granted Reeves’ application Wednesday and ordered Dixon to stay at least 100 feet away from Reeves and his partner.

It was not clear whether Dixon had been served with the court order.

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