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Lilly says patients saw mean weight reduction of 58 lbs on retatrutide

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the weekend comments were very negative on this-I assume most were frustrated they hadnt been riding LLY stock. sometimes ya gotta have belief and conviction. lets enjoy the ride.

So do you buy a stock at this hogh that has celebrity stock written all over it when Pharma PE of 72 is unheard of for a large pharm company BUT has found the cure to obesity?

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@drashish Yeah the PE is high. I don’t know much about Lilly or this market.

Next question for me is competition. Will it be the exclusive seller of the cure for obesity? I’m guessing not.

Assuming competition, but Lilly has best solution, how much more $$$ can Lilly charge while still getting covered by Medicare and private insurance? Because if its not covered, the competition may take most of the customers.

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@thumbsoup I guess Frito-Lay just puts even fewer chips in the bag now.

Problem is, the last bag I bought had only 3 chips in it.


LLY is a leader in diabetes, obesity, and Alzheimer’s, cancer with a huge market.

Great news, and 48 weeks is a pretty long period of time. But keeping the weight off is difficult, and yo-yo dieting is tough on the cardiovascular system. You don’t want a case where people are going from 300 pounds to 200 pounds back to 280 pounds, down again to 220 and so forth. Retatrutide will help a lot of people though, and hopefully most people will not require cyclical use of it.

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The idea of taking diabetes drugs for weight loss is so wrong on so many levels that only people seeking instant gratification in a highky judgmental society would consider it. Pity to have to weigh a certain number to make others happy because let’s face it, if society accepted fat people as they are, most fat people would feel okay about themselves. Back in the old days being fat was actually en vogue – it meant you made good enough money to be able to afford eating a lot. Now it’s taboo. What a shame.

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@2021investor — Weight loss has myriad health benefits beyond appearance.

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@siestadreamer Weight loss has an easy treatment – stop eating as much

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@Off His Game So just like alcoholism, drug abuse, or other addictions? Just say no? You obviously have not treated any of these issues as a physician, or you wouldn’t sound so foolish. About 1 in 10 Americans are type 2 diabetics and it is a huge cost to the health care system, yet almost none can just say no.

Is this why $NVO was down today? Anybody know? They should have had a big up day today.

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@Non-GAAP Earnings Pfizer had some news on one of their obesity drugs today.. There are some liver issues.

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Wonderful news for investors and future patients!

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