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My Favorite Things: Pauletta Washington

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Do you have a favorite sports team?

The Lakers are my favorite team, especially since moving to California. And my husband is just a sports fanatic—when I need to talk to him, I have to watch! And we were fortunate enough to be able to get season tickets to the Lakers.

What’s your favorite neighborhood?

West Hollywood. So many wonderful places to eat, to shop, to hang out. And nice people.

Best margarita place?


Jean-Georges. It’s about the ginger margarita—the best.

Favorite music store?

My favorite music spot ever was Tower Records. This was when I could go there and put on those headphones and they didn’t bother you. It was beautiful to go through a musical journey there. Then I went to Amoeba and the Record Collector across the street from Fairfax High School.

Favorite independent movie theater?

The New Beverly Cinema. They show amazing films over there—and it’s right over by my children. And the history adds to the name even more.

Best cheap meal?

CW & Chris Fish and Chicken. Steve Harvey hosted these so-called “Hoodie Awards” years ago, and it was all the best of the Black businesses in the country. I was presenting the Best Fried Chicken award one year, and CW & Chris won. I didn’t know him, and I said “Oh, I’m gonna have to come and check you out,” and he goes, “Yeah, you gotta come check me out!” I went the next day, and I have been going there now for at least 25 years. That’s my little quick stop for fish and chicken.

Frozen yogurt or ice cream?


CoffeeWalk YogurtTalk. Good product, and I enjoy talking to the people.

The best Chinese food?

Yang Chow. They have a slippery shrimp dish that I could have every day.

Hair colorist in town?

Sotah Hair Care. Janet Zeitoun’s been doing my hair for over 25 years. An expert!

FIRST LADY OF L.A.: Apart from being married to a very famous man, Washington, has had leading roles in three TV series. (PHOTO: NOEL VASQUEZ/GC IMAGES)

Favorite museum?

I like LACMA and the Museum of African American Art, off of Crenshaw. I love the African American artists. At LACMA, before COVID, they had Charles White, who was one of the artists that my husband and I love.

What’s your favorite hike?

I get a nice view at Fryman Canyon, and it’s also kind of a tradition; I started doing it close to 40 years ago with some friends of mine—we did it to get out of the gym situation and get the fresh air. There’s a car graveyard there. Getting there is kind of creepy, but you get there and see billions of cars from all over the years.

Reasonable Doubt (PHOTO: SER BAFFO/HULU)

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