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Nic’s on Beverly, Beloved Fairfax Vegan Restaurant, Calls Off Closing

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Nic’s On Beverly—a restaurant widely praised for its vegan cuisine—says that it will remain open, merely a month after announcing it would close on June 18 due to a landlord dispute.

“The decision to close was one of the hardest things I have been through, literally crying as I pressed the post button,” owner Nic Adler wrote on Instagram. “The decision to continue to stay open, while much much easier, was still something I did not take lightly. I hope to see you continuing to visit us, and we promise to continue making an experience you are proud to share with others.”

The restaurant, which has been open since 2019, claims that an “overwhelming response online” was to credit for the resolution between it and the landlord, who had heard the restaurant’s devotees “loud and clear.”

Previously, Nic’s cited a disagreement with the landlord in their closing letter. According to a post on June 5, the restaurant could not “find an arrangement that works for them” following financial struggles which lingered in the pandemic’s wake.

“We went ten months during the covid shutdown, the takeout only, the stop and start of 2020 where we couldn’t pay rent,” Adler previously wrote. “We focused on paying the employees and keeping the business alive by selling burgers and pizza.”

Despite Nic’s efforts to find a compromise—allegedly spanning over a year—the landlord “want[ed] it all.”

After fans of the Vegan hub took to social media, the landlord called Nic Adler—son of Lou Adler, of “Rocky Horror” and Monterey Pop Festival fame—and the two were able to come to terms.

“We started very far apart, but eventually we found a place that was not perfect for either of us but we could accept,” Adler said. “I really want to thank David [the landlord] for valuing what Nic’s means to all of us. He stepped up and made it possible to continue forward.”

Nic’s doors will reopen to the public on June 22.

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