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REE Automotive expands authorized dealer network, grows order book by 25% since Aug-end

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Oct. 18, 2023 8:46 AM ETREE Automotive Ltd. (REE)By: Jaskiran Singh, SA News Editor

  • REE Automotive (NASDAQ:REE) Wednesday announced the further expansion of its authorized dealer network with three new dealers covering Wisconsin, Illinois, and California, all placing binding orders for REE’s P7-C electric truck.
  • Additionally, REE said that its initial order book value grew by 30% since the end of August to about $25M.
  • “The company progresses towards full vehicle certification with expected first customer deliveries by the end of 2023 and a production plan of up to 300 P7-C trucks in 2024,” REE added.
  • Source: Press Release

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