Monday, July 15, 2024

Rio Tinto says environmental studies show Serbian lithium project is safe

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Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) said Thursday that newly published environmental studies show its Serbia lithium project, which was shut down in 2022 after massive protests, would be safe for the environment.

If completed, Rio’s (RIO) $2.4B Jadar lithium project in Serbia could cover 90% of Europe’s current lithium needs and help to make the company a leading lithium producer.

“Results of scientific research show that the Jadar project can be realized safely by respecting highest domestic and international environmental standards,” the company said.

Rio (RIO) said it published studies in order to “renew a public dialogue” about the project, providing “an opportunity to local community and all interested parties to see for themselves what had been done so far.”

Activists have said the mine would be opencast and pollute water supply, causing more environmental damage in Serbia, already one of Europe’s most polluted countries.

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