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The LAMag Guide to Weekend Sales: AllSaints, Liv and Stephen Oliver

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This week is highlighted by a sample sale from the innovative luxury brand AllSaints. Once again, enjoy a newsletter full of the best sales across the Southland, courtesy of LAMag.

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AllSaints Sample Sale Jan. 7 – 15, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

We’ve actually featured AllSaints in the guide before but also find it considerably intriguing that the brand is hosting yet another sample sale. If you’re into darker hues and have a taste for unique silhouettes, then this is the brand for you. Even on the basis of simple clothing—tees, jeans, and crewnecks—AllSaints excels. Essentially, the price is justified by the longevity of the garments; quality fabric, careful composition, and extended durability are what you’ll find with even the most basic AllSaints pieces.

Liv Oliver Sample Sale Jan. 10 – 23, Online

Liv Oliver was founded by a woman surrounded by jewelry—Oliver grew up spending time in her family’s luxury Madison Avenue jewelry shop. Inspired by what she saw on a daily basis, she started up the brand in 2012. Today, she remains committed to focusing on the very essence of what makes accessories great—boldness, quality, and decoration. Beginning January 10, Oliver kicks off the year in style with a sample sale.

(Photo by Stephen Oliver)

Stephen Oliver Sample Sale Jan. 10 – 23, Online

This week, we’re including both of the Olivers with the men’s fashion side of our previously mentioned inclusion, Liv Oliver. We have to appreciate the effort to branch out into men’s accessories, as it seems many brands struggle to do this. A lot of the jewelry in the sale has the same drawn-back, simple style of most men’s fashion. However, there is occasionally a stand-out necklace or bracelet that could become a staple of your look.

Rose Bowl Flea Market Jan. 8, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We get it. We rave about other flea markets while not giving Rose Bowl a sliver of appreciation. There is a reason for this, and that is the $12 entry fee. However, as far as outdoor flea markets go—especially during the winter season—there are only a few names that beat this one. It’s huge, there are hundreds of vendors, and better yet, there are tens of thousands of vintage to choose from.

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