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Valero Energy authorizes stock buyback up to $2.5B

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If wholesale gasoline is at about $2.71, and it is $3.32 approx at the pump in Texas, is the higher diesel price of about $4.39 all profit margin?(beyond about $3.32)

How much diesel does Valero sell daily out of the three million barrels it refines?

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Excellent attitude toward shareholders and capital allocation. A great long term hold for me.

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They could also use the money to buy other refineries.

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That’s crazy. Who buys back stock at an all time high?

@Mrc32 They are authorized to buy back stock “with no expiration date.” It isn’t stated that they’re buying back the shares now. The could do it at any time, including at a future date when the price is lower.

@Mrc32 Being at an all time high doesn’t mean that isn’t still cheap.

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@Mrc32 maybe they don’t think so ? Going higher ?

How do you not when the terrible market keeps screwing with the energy companies

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With diesel prices where they are, Valero is printing bank.

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