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Will Miller, Founder of Priority Roofing, Reveals Three Core Principles that Propelled Company to Over $60 Million in Revenue

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Priority Roofing isn’t your typical roofing company. It’s a company that truly values its employees, clients, and relationships above all else. And that’s exactly what sets them apart from the competition. Will Miller shares 3 core principles that helped them generate over 60 million revenue.

Priority Roofing is not just a roofing company, it is a family that puts people first. The company was founded by Will Miller in 2016 with a vision to create a company that prioritizes quality, relationships, and making a positive impact on the world, rather than just making money. Miller’s dream was to build a small, tight-knit team that could provide personalized services to every client. But little did he know, Priority Roofing would quickly surpass his expectations.


“In 2021, we achieved a total revenue of just over 60 million, which was a significant growth from 29.5 million in 2020.” Miller adds, “This success was not accidental, but a result of our unwavering commitment to being at the forefront and driving the growth by paying attention to the finer details.”


In the roofing industry, success is not defined by accolades or degrees, but by an individual’s drive, hustle, and willingness to bet on themselves. This is the kind of spirit that Miller and his team embody, the spirit that keeps them getting back up even when things get tough. 


“As an organization and a team, our success lies in our ability to have the right people who can help us scale, grow and achieve our maximum potential. It’s not about the systems we have, but the right people who can build them to ensure our success,” Miller says.


At the heart of Priority Roofing’s ethos are three core principles: Priority Family, Priority Life, and Priority Excellence. These principles aren’t mere buzzwords or empty slogans, but guiding lights that shape every aspect of the company’s culture and operations.


  1. Priority Family: The team at Priority Roofing is not just a group of employees, they are a family. They value relationships over transactions, quality of life over growth at all costs, and excellence in every aspect of their operations. Priority Family is the first and most important principle to Miller and his team. To them, it means putting people first, especially one’s own family. They recognize that nothing is more valuable than spending quality time with loved ones. It’s about striking a balance between work and life, without sacrificing one for the other. The company is committed to building relationships not just with its customers, but also its employees, vendors, and partners. In a world where everything is becoming more transactional and impersonal, Priority Roofing stands out for its relational approach, where people matter more than profits.


  1. Priority Life: Priority Life is the second principle that drives Miller and his team. It’s about pursuing personal growth, development, and fulfillment, not just in business, but in every aspect of life. It’s about investing in oneself, taking care of one’s mental health, and finding a sense of purpose and meaning beyond material success. This commitment to personal growth and well-being is also reflected in how Priority Roofing approaches its work. It’s not just about installing roofs, but about making a positive impact on people’s lives.


  1. Priority Excellence: Finally, there’s Priority Excellence, the third principle that defines Priority Roofing. It’s about being the best at what they do, in every aspect of the business. It’s about striving for excellence in customer service, installation details, and overall value proposition. It’s about exceeding customer expectations and delivering a superior experience that sets Priority Roofing apart from its competitors.

Miller and his team have worked tirelessly to ensure that Priority Roofing lives up to its principles. They have built a reputation for excellence that is hard to match, with a rating of 4.9 or higher on every online platform. They are a family, a community, and a team that we can all aspire to be a part of. They are a company that is committed to excellence in everything they do.


In a world where profit often trump’s people, Priority Roofing stands out as a beacon of hope. They remind us that relationships matter more than transactions, that personal growth is more important than material success, and that excellence is not a goal, but a way of life. They have created a mom-and-pop feel that makes their workplace feel like a family, where everyone feels valued, supported, and cared for.


Priority Roofing is not just a company that installs roofs. They are a company that cares about their clients and their employees. They are a company that is committed to making a positive impact on the world. They are a company that we can all learn from and aspire to be like.


If you’re in need of roofing services in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, California, Denver, and beyond, consider giving Priority Roofing a call. You won’t be disappointed.

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